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Per Karlsson: the pig farmer that had enough

One day, the Swedish pig farmer Per Karlsson had enough. He was fed up with the poor margins in the meat market and tired of the small price difference between what he could charge for the pig’s trotters and the finest cut of tenderloin. In the middle of a heated discussion, Per said: “If I don’t get paid more money for the finest cuts, I might as well make sausages of the whole animal.” The idea was branded stupid and impossible by the Swedish meat industry. Why would anyone use fine pieces of pork, such as tenderloin, ham and collar, to make sausages? But the sudden comment turned into an ingenious idea. Without hesitation, Per started making fine sausages from the whole pig under the name “Slaktarkorv” (Butcher Sausage).

Consumer promise

The brand ”Slaktarkorv”, launched in 2012, guarantees that its products are produced in Sweden from 100% hand-cut Swedish meat of pigs that have been farmed according the Swedish rules for animal protection. We also guarantee that the companies we co-operate with in the production of our products follow Swedish labour laws, including paying social security costs and taxes in Sweden.

Sausage Profile of the Year 2014

Every year, the Swedish Sausage Academy hands out its award Sausage Profile of the Year to an enthusiast that promotes the business and spreads the message about the happiness of eating sausage. In 2014, the price was given to Per Karlsson by the academy members Jan Scherman and Christina Möller at the Sausage Festival in Stockholm on March 29th.
The jury’s motivation: “A sausage lover and entrepreneur that had an ingenious idea, made the impossible possible and created a new concept. “Slaktarkorv” is made from the whole pig, including also the finest cuts of ham and tenderloin. A sheer success!”

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